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Manifestation is all about bringing your biggest desires to life. Now, experts share how to manifest the partner of your dreams. If your biggest desire is to find the partner of your dream, that could be manifested too, according to experts. Roxie Nafousi, a self-development coach and author explained to “PopSugar” “We can attract the type of relationship we want and how we want to feel within that relationship. For example, [you] might want to manifest that feeling of safety within a relationship, or being in love with someone who allows you freedom to express yourself and encourages your independence.”

So how can you manifest the partner of your dreams? Here’s how.

  • Date yourself. Give yourself the love that you’d expect from someone else. It’s the law of attraction – you attract what you give, so make sure you give yourself love!
  • Create a love-centered mantra. Mantras like “I deserve unconditional love” and “the right person is on their way to me” can help you attract the real relationship you want.
  • Visualize the relationship. When you do, also feel that feeling of happiness, joy, pride, gratitude, and accomplishment.
  • Make the first move. Manifestation alone isn’t enough, you need to take action too. That action may be outside of your comfort zone, such as joining a dating app or going on a blind date.

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