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Shelter dogs are the best dogs! Both of my dogs are rescues and they’re the best babies! Eddy is a wild girl, but Kramer is the friendliest and sweetest dog I’ve ever had. A North Carolina shelter is going viral for their honest and funny post about a dog that’s looking for his forever home.

According to Southern Living, Burke County Animal Services has a Facebook post about Billy Bob the mastiff that is hilarious and very honest. Billy Bob is described as a ‘hot mess’. The post reads, “Tongue hangs out way too much, terrible car rider, entirely too food motivated and will accidentally mistake your arm for a cheeseburger, smells a little, and loves every person he has ever met.”

I must say that the pictures of Billy Bob are adorable! He looks like a big baby. And his underbite is too cute!

Kaitlin Settlemyre, the director of Burke County Animal Services, says that at 110 pounds, Billy Bob is a bit thin for a mastiff. She goes on to say that you should still ‘hide your fine china’ if you adopt Billy Bob.

Like many shelter dogs, Billy Bob’s past is unknown. The goofy, middle-aged mastiff ended up at the Morganton shelter last week. He was found wandering around a farm owned by a Burke County Commission member. Officials think he would do well in a home with children. But, due to his large size and food motivation, he may need to be placed with older kids.

If I had the room, I’d take this big baby in a minute! A small apartment isn’t the best place for Billy Bob though. If you’re interested in giving this sweet boy a home, you can find out more info here 

We’re rooting for you Billy Bob! I hope you find a forever home soon!

Billy Bob - 110#, tongue hangs out way too much, terrible car rider, entirely too food motivated and will accidentally...

Posted by Burke County Animal Services on Wednesday, November 16, 2022