Need something done around the house? One of the easiest and most efficient ways is to hire an independent contractor. This offers flexibility and immediacy for people who want help with their projects large or small. Add to this the ability to use an app to find independent contractors, chat with them directly and get near-immediate responses, which offers significant customer service advantages to consumers. People use independent contractors for all sorts of tasks including home repairs, yard work, and even cleaning and laundry!

Our friends at TaskRabbit created the TaskRabbit Independent Contractor Index — which examines the number of tasks completed and satisfaction ratings for home improvement projects booked on the TaskRabbit platform. And the data proves that residents of North Carolina significantly increased their usage of independent contractors in recent months. Not only that but our state ranked #19 for showing appreciation towards these workers. These rankings are based on key indicators such as average tip amount, work recommendations given, frequency of good reviews, and the number of polite phrases used.

These are the states ranked in order of gratitude score towards independent contractors:

1. Wyoming2. Mississippi3. Georgia4. Vermont5. New Jersey6. Oklahoma7. Kentucky8. Nebraska9. Washington10. Arkansas11. West Virginia12. Florida13. New Mexico14. Arizona15. Missouri16. Nevada17. New Hampshire18. Virginia 19. North Carolina20. TexasAs a lifelong southerner, it’s no surprise that the South takes a lead in politeness and overall appreciation shown towards gig workers.  For the complete list of rankings and in-depth analysis you can view the full study here

No Liar Here: The Carolinas Are Two Of The Most Honest States

How often do you tell a lie? Even if it’s just a little white lie, it’s probably more often than you want to admit. We all probably have one person that comes to mind. Whether you can’t believe a word they say, or they just tend to exaggerate the truth. USC psychologist Gerald Jellison, says that we are lied to up to 200 times per day. (I’m trying to think who even has 200 interactions per day?!) But this of course can fluctuate based on where you live. So which states are the most honest states? Our friends at created a ‘Dishonesty Index’ to discover the biggest liars in the country. And the good news? Both Carolinas were in the bottom 10 making them some of the most honest states.

The index consisted of 5 equally weighted metrics which added up to an overall score of 100:

  1. Average monthly Google searches for “Tips on Lying” (per 100,000 of the population) = 39 (38th across America)
  2. Average monthly Google searches for “How to Bluff” (per 100,000 of the population) = 116 (42nd across America)
  3. Average monthly Google searches for “Ashley Madison” (per 100,000 of the population) = 255 (20th across America)
  4. Divorce Rates = 10.7% (35th across America)
  5. Overall Integrity Scores = 65 (32nd across America)

The top 10 most honest states are below followed by the 10 most dishonest. You can read the full report here.

10 Rainy Day Activities To Do In Charlotte North Carolina

It’s going to be a wet next few days in the Carolinas. The forecast is calling for rain, rain, and more rain. And with tropical storm Nicole approaching the Charlotte region you may be looking for something to do other than stay in and watch Netflix for the next two days. I personally am crazy enough to sit through the Panthers game tonight in the rain but if you’d like to stay dry I completely understand. Especially if you have tomorrow off for Veteran’s Day!  But the good news is there is plenty of fun rainy-day activities to take advantage of in Charlotte. Whether you want your kids to tag along or you want to avoid kids at all costs this list has something for you.

Want to drink and do an activity? We’ve got you covered. Want a more athletic option? Also got you. How about creating something you can take home? That’s also an option. Yes, you could go to the mall or the movies and those are great things to do. But if you want something a little more memorable, keep reading to see 10 suggestions for some of the best rainy day activities in Charlotte. Enjoy, and stay dry for the next few days.

  • Indoor Mini Golf

    Enjoy a round of (mini) golf and a beverage! Charlotte has a couple of options for indoor golf including both adults-only and kid-friendly options! I’ve been to both Stroke and The Puttery and immensely enjoyed my experience (and drink) at each. You don’t need to be good at golf, I certainly am not, to enjoy it either!

    The Puttery: 210 Rampart St., Charlotte, NC 28203

    Stroke Urban Golf Club: 1318 Pecan Ave Suite 101, Charlotte, NC

    Monster Mini Golf: 230 East W.T. Harris Blvd C-4 Charlotte, NC


  • Inner Peaks

    I remember going to Inner Peaks for birthday parties as a kid. Yes, I’m a Charlotte unicorn. But I also have paid a few visits as an adult too. If you’ve never been you simply have to watch a quick instructional video. If you don’t have someone with you who knows how to belay don’t fret. They have several courses that have automatic belay systems. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon (and you’ll get a good workout in too without even intending to).

    Inner Peaks Southend: 2220 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC

    Inner Peaks Matthews: 10715 Independence Pointe Pkwy, Matthews, NC

  • Top Golf

    I know what you’re thinking isn’t that “outdoors”? Well not really. Your ball goes outside but unless it’s raining sideways golfers are able to stay dry! Plus it may be the best time to go to TopGolf as it’s probably not as crowded. And we all know you are always going to have to wait it seems. Also get the injectable donuts just trust me.

    Top Golf Charlotte Southwest: 8024 Savoy Corporate Dr. Charlotte, NC

    Top Golf University: 9110 Drivers Way Charlotte, NC

  • Axe Throwing

    This one is on my bucket list for sure. Axe Throwing. While I’m not entirely sure I trust myself with an axe I’m willing to give it a try. And when you’re stuck inside all day it seems like an even better option! And its growing in popularity which means several places you can give it a go in the Queen City.

    BATL: 933 Louise Ave, Suite 108, Charlotte, NC

    Bad Axe Throwing: 350 E 6th St Unit 1, Charlotte, NC 28202


  • Mint Museum

    Charlotte has some great museums and checking out any of them is a great idea on a rainy day. And with two Mint Museum locations, it’s a good choice. Established in 1936 as North Carolina’s first art museum, The Mint Museum is a leading, innovative cultural institution and museum of international art and design. With two locations — Mint Museum Randolph in the heart of Eastover and Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts —the Mint boasts one of the largest collections in the Southeast and is committed to engaging and inspiring members of the global community.

    Mint Museum Uptown: 500 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC

    Mint Museum Randolph: 2730 Randolph Road Charlotte, NC

  • Duckpin Bowling

    Bowling is a fun rainy-day activity, but duckpin bowling is more fun in my opinion. The duckpins are shorter and lighter and bowlers get three rolls per frame as opposed to two in traditional bowling. We have two fantastic options for duckpin bowling in Charlotte.

    Pins Mechanical: 307 W Tremont Ave Charlotte, NC

    Pinhouse: 2306 Central Ave Charlotte, NC


  • Discovery Place

    Spend your day learning at Discovery Place. With 4 Charlotte area facilities, the possibilities are endless. Check out uptown’s Discover Place Science, Discovery Place Nature at Freedom Park, or one of the two Discovery Place Kids locations. There is also an iMax screen for movies. Current exhibits at Discovery Place Science include Science Fiction, World Alive, and Fantastic Frogs. They even have adults-only events some weekends.

    Discovery Place Science: 301 N Tryon St Charlotte, NC

    Discovery Place Nature: 1658 Sterling Road Charlotte, NC

    Discovery Place Kids: 105 Gilead Road Huntersville, NC; 233 E. Washington St. Rockingham, NC

  • Make A Candle

    Want an experience and a take home? Try making your own candle. As we move into the holiday season you can give your work as a gift or use it to get your home into the holiday spirit. Bring a drink and make it happy hour while your at it.

    Paddywax Candle Bar: 1930 Camden Rd #130

  • Sealife Aquarium

    Spend your rainy day with the animals who are constantly wet- sea life! Concord Mills is home to the SeaLife Aquarium. There you can watch thousands of tropical fish, sharks, and sea turtles and experience them upclose. You can also go behind the scenes and see first-hand how the creatures are cared for.

    SeaLife: 8111 Concord Mills Boulevard Concord, NC

  • Dave and Buster's

    Enjoy games and food and maybe even win some prizes. You won’t care that it’s downpouring outside with the bright lights and excitement of Dave and Busters. With two Charlotte area locations your escape from the weather is easily accessible.

    Dave and Busters Pineville: 11049 Carolina Place Pkwy Suite LS-05, Pineville, NC

    Dave and Busters Concord: 8361 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC

  • 1. California

    Santa Cruz California Beaches and Boardwalk

    SANTA CRUZ, CA – JULY 03: Visitors ride on the Sky Glider over the Santa Cruz Boardwalk on July 3, 2008 in Santa Cruz, California.

    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 49

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 86

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 226

    Divorce Rates: 9.2%

    Integrity Scores: 73

    Index Score: 21.2

  • 2. New Jersey

    Newark New Jersey

    Newark, New Jersey, USA skyline on the Passaic River.

    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 44

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 103

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 289

    Divorce Rates: 8.6%

    Integrity Scores: 65

    Index Score: 28.7

  • 3. Iowa


    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 36

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 137

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 205

    Divorce Rates: 10.8%

    Integrity Scores: 67

    Index Score: 29.2

  • 4. Mississippi


    Mississippi State welcome sign along the US Highway 61 in the USA; Concept for travel in America and Road Trip in America

    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 40

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 136

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 98

    Divorce Rates: 11.5%

    Integrity Scores: 61

    Index Score: 30.6

  • 5. New York

    New York

    The New York State Capitol Building in Albany, home of the New York State Assembly. Monument of General Sherman on horseback.

    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 44

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 96

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 297

    Divorce Rates: 8.8%

    Integrity Scores: 61

    Index Score: 32.6

  • 6. Alabama


    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 36

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 125

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 195

    Divorce Rates: 12.2%

    Integrity Scores: 67

    Index Score: 32.8

  • 7. Illinois


    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 41

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 116

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 316

    Divorce Rates: 9.7%

    Integrity Scores: 67

    Index Score: 33.0

  • 8. South Carolina


    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 39

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 122

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 190

    Divorce Rates: 10.7%

    Integrity Scores: 60

    Index Score: 33.1

  • 9. North Carolina

    North Carolina Best Places To Live

    North Carolina State Flag (Photo by BSPollard/Getty Images Plus)

    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 39

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 116

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 255

    Divorce Rates: 10.7%

    Integrity Scores: 65

    Index Score: 33.6

  • 10. Tennessee


    Tennessee welcomes you sign at he state border

    Searches for “Tips on Lying”: 35

    Searches for “How to Bluff”: 126

    Searches for “Ashley Madison”: 211

    Divorce Rates: 12.2%

    Integrity Scores: 66

    Index Score: 34

  • Most Dishonest States

    1. Wyoming
    2. Vermont
    3. Maine
    4. North Dakota
    5. Delaware
    6. Nevada
    7. New Hampshire
    8. Montana
    9. South Dakota
    10. Oregon