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Welcome to the Palmetto State! There’s a lot to do in South Carolina, just skip this one! Here’s South Carolina’s biggest tourist trap. It’s called South of the Border. It’s got a restaurant a hotel and attractions. And according to Bestlife it’s not great. Bestlife says it has bad theming, as well as political incorrectness and not so-subtle stereotypes. South of the Border is a tourist attraction for some reason. Named for its positionality along the South and North Carolina border, it’s a gift shop with a tacky name. Even visitors have pretty mixed opinions about this “destination,” in general.

“After over 30 years of visiting south of the border. I’m done with it. The greed has grown each year with this place. Alan Schaeffer’s grandchildren. The heirs. Has destroyed it. We went back to try it again on Sept 2ed 2021. You can’t get a room until 3 have to check out by 11 am or be charged for another night. Cable tv joke. Only garbage channels no body wants to watch. We watched drug dealers in action just outside the pantry store.”

Ok so not a great review. Here’s another.

“There are bathrooms. And a gas station. That’s about it. All the highway signs make this place out to be a booming tourist attraction, which it probably was thirty years ago. Now…not so much. Got the obligatory photo, but that’s a once and done. Unless you desperately need to pee (in grimy bathrooms that haven’t seen a good scrubbing since the 80s), I would keep on driving.”

So what did we learn? Stay away from South of the Border, South Carolina’s biggest tourist trap. Instead visit the Columbia Zoo, or Charleston or the great beaches they have!