Looking for something good to eat? I know I can always go for a snack for sure. From granola bars to chips to fruit snacks to small appetizers, snack time is the best time. Not sure when I fell in love with great snacks, but here we are. Food and Wine know how popular snack time is, so they went on to find out the best snacks in every state. Now, I am not sure if you agree with these options for the Carolinas but I thought I would still share. To make the list, the food item had to be able to ship right out to you with little effort. So, basically, that means there are no frozen foods on this list! They took a variety of options and determined some of the best snacks in every state.

Let’s start off with North Carolina, can you guess what our favorite snack is? For North Carolina, muscadine grapes took home the prize! North Carolina’s state fruit is a great snack option for many. These fresh grapes will help solve any snack cravings that you may have. From enjoying at a winery to enjoying at home on the couch, this snack is clearly one that North Carolina folks love.

Now, South Carolina on the other hand went for something a little bit saltier. South Carolina’s best snack is boiled peanuts. Coming from someone with a majority of her family members who will snack on these, I can 100% agree with this! Boiled peanuts are a South Carolina staple and are sold everywhere. From sporting events to the fair to the side of the road, you can find some good boiled peanuts just about anywhere.

Check out the full list here to see what snacks made the list for other states.

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