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Meditation can help you with communication in your relationships.

You’ve likely heard a ton of benefits of meditation. But when it comes to meditating as a couple, it especially helps with your communication styles, being more empathetic, and even navigating arguments. Wellness manager for luxury resort Amanyara in Turks & Caicos Toby Maguire shared with “Brides” how meditation can help with communication in your relationship.

Understand how to find mental clarity. The first step is obviously to understand what meditation is and how it’s not just to “clear your mind,” because that’s not fully possible.

Learn to listen. You have to learn how to put your ego aside, not care about if you’re right or wrong, and truly listen to one another. This will help arguments feel more like convos than fights. Meditation can help in teaching how to truly listen.

Calm down before communicating. Let your partner get their anger out of their system and let them calm down before you have a conversation. Meditation practices can be a good tool to help calm the mind.

Leave baggage in the past. Things always become more hostile when past baggage is brought up. Meditation lets people focus in the moment, rather than the past. It also helps you think more rationally, too.

Lead by example. You can’t focus your partner to take part in meditation, but you can lead by example by meditating and taking the things you learn from meditating and bringing them into your relationship and how to communicate. It will take patience! But you can do it.

Source: Brides

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