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PROVO, UT - AUGUST 13: A classroom sits ready for students at Freedom Preparatory Academy as teachers begin to prepare to restart school after it was closed in March due to COVID-19 on August 13, 2020 in Provo, Utah. The school is planning to have students return on August 18 for five days a week instruction, but with reduced hours during the day. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

One former teacher wasn’t expecting this.  There were a couple of teachers that inspired me at specific times in my childhood.  My fifth-grade math teacher’s name was Mrs. Wheeler-Hawkins. Her style of teaching immediately clicked with me.  She made learning super fun and got the most out of her students.  My high school Spanish teacher was the same.  She brought energy to her lessons and really tried to relate to her students.  She even demanded that if she ever saw you out in public that you come up and have a conversation with her in Spanish.  That was her way of handing out bonus extra credit.  I’m sure you have teachers that you remember that impacted your life in some way.  You also never know where they might pop up.  You could run into them in the grocery store, at a restaurant, or even on an airplane.

World Teacher’s Day was in October and late last month, a flight attendant noticed her favorite teacher was on the plane.  Before she started the in-flight announcements, the flight attendant announced to everyone that the teacher who inspired her to love Shakespeare, correctly write essays, and play piano was on the plane.  They had not seen one another since 1990.  Once she was done showing her appreciation she ran down the aisle and the two embraced.  It’s such a great moment and the warmest of welcomes.  One former teacher wasn’t expecting this.  Watch the interaction below.  It’ll make you want to reach out to one of your favorite teachers just to say, thanks.