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Love concurs all, thanks to the help of Google translate! A man in the U.K. and a Ukrainian woman who was escaping the war zone met and fell in love using the service.

According to MetroLuke Dickinsonjoined a Facebook group set up to help those fleeing Ukraine and that’s where he met group member Vira Klimova. She had left her home in Odessa with her 15-year-old daughter and was making her way across Europe to the U.K., where she had a friend in Bristol who offered to be her sponsor.

While they were traveling, Vira and Luke began chatting in the Facebook group and getting to know each other, but because they didn’t speak the same language, they relied on Google Translate to help them communicate. As they spent more and more time exchanging messages, an unlikely romance blossomed. When Vira arrived in Bristol, she started taking English lessons and within a couple of weeks, she had her first date with Luke.

Sparks must have been flying that night because the couple became an item and have been together ever since. Luke says he knew he wanted to marry Vira after two weeks and luckily, she felt the same way. He popped the question during a trip to London and less than three months after their first date, they tied the knot. Now the newlyweds say their relationship is the only good thing to have come out of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. “If it hadn’t happened, we’d never have met,” he says. “It’s as simple as that.”

What a sweet story! This just goes to show that you never know who you might fall in love with, so keep your eyes open. Love may find you when you least

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Source: Metro