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If you listen to our show, then you know Maney, and I love the Yung Gravy song, “Betty Get Money.” So you can imagine our excitement when our bosses came to us and asked if we wanted to give away Yung Gravy tickets in a fun way. So this week, we played “Truth Or Gravy” to send someone to the Yung Gravy concert.

Now, you’re probably thinking… “What is Truth Or Gravy?” Well, if you’ve ever seen James Corden’s “Spill Your Guts,” it’s pretty much that! We had a lazy Susan full of gross items covered in gravy. A banana covered in gravy, olives covered in gravy, cereal covered in gravy, and Halloween candy all covered in gravy. ┬áThe idea is to answer the question or eat! The first to tap out and eat loses.

We answered questions like “who is your favorite child” and what would you change about your parent’s appearance. Here’s how it went …

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