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Fall Fest! at Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church

We may have been drinking pumpkin spice latte’s, and ordering new Fall clothes for a few weeks now, but now that it is Fall, why not get familiar with some fun Fall facts?

Fall is my favorite season, but I can admit, I didn’t know most of these facts. Here are some facts about Fall that you can drop today to make yourself sound smart.

  • Fall is known be many names.

    • Americans call it, “Fall,” The British use the word, “Autumn,” but it used to be called “harvest” because of the harvest moon.
  • Weight gain this time of year isn’t only from the food.

    • Researchers found that the lack of vitamin D can actually reduce fat breakdown and trigger fat storage in those shorter Fall days.
  • Pumpkin spice isn’t actually pumpkin.

    • The spice mixture is a combination of ground cinnamon, ground ginger, and ground nutmeg.
  • The color a tree changes is all dependent on sugar.

    • If a leaf is more red, the leaf is storing more sugar.
  • Kids born in the Fall have advantages.

    • Children born in the fall are statistically better students, and tend to live longer.


There you have it! Go drop some fall knowledge on your collogues today, and enjoy the start of a brand new season!