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Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images

Get ready to see Winnie The Pooh in an all new light…

“Winnie the Pooh” Blood and Honey” is an all new horror film featuring the iconic character from our childhood. In the movie, Pooh and Piglet go on a violent rampage through the Hundred Acre Woods after they are abandoned by Christopher Robin.

Not going to lie, this is an interesting take on such a classic story. I used to LOVE Winne The Pooh growing up. I don’t know how I will enjoy seeing him as a villain.

The trailer jut dropped a few weeks ago, and made quite the impression online.

The movie definitely looks campy, but I know it will be perfect for some horror fans.

This isn’t the only horror version of a children’s classic coming out; we’re also getting a slasher parody of The Grinch this holiday season as well!