With next week being Halloween it’s all about the spooky. So I have to ask. Would you get your coffee at a funeral home? No, not while you’re sitting there planning a funeral. Just your average everyday coffee run. Well, you can in Concord. It’s called Coffin House Coffee. And it’s a coffee shop that’s literally inside a funeral home.

The coffee shop is inside Hartsell Funeral Home in Concord at 460 Branch Drive. According to the shop’s website, the history of Hartsell Funeral Home dates back to the 1860s in Midland, NC. Jacob Hartsell was a cabinet and coffin maker who began offering funeral services as a way to serve his community. And generations later that service remains but the family is growing its community outreach.

So in comes Coffin House Coffee. The shop opened earlier this year and is dedicated to Jacob Hartsell and “his hard work cultivating a family tradition of service to others.” The menu features coffee favorites such as lattes, americanos, drip coffee, frappes, and noncoffee options such as hot chocolate. And their brews? They have themed names like Mourning Glory, The Undertaker, and Six Below.

The owners describe this coffee shop funeral home as “a space where ideas bloom and conversations flow.” I’m sure the coffee is fantastic, but I’m not sure I could get past what is happening on the other side of the walls. But it’s an interesting angle to sell and get people talking, and I’m talking about it. Who knows maybe if I find myself in Concord I’ll grab a cup.

Get more info on Coffin House Coffee here.