What’s better than going to a party? Winning a million dollars while on the way to that birthday party! One Georgia woman got the experience to win $1 million in the coolest way after only spending $10.

ABC 15 News reports that a Georgia woman recently won $1 million with a $10 lottery ticket while on the way to a birthday party in South Carolina. Can you imagine the shock of seeing that winning number? As soon as she saw what she just won, she called her husband from the gas station in Anderson to tell him. He was even more shocked because she was so calm while telling him the news. The feeling of becoming a millionaire does take a minute to sink in I think.

The husband and wife then decided to head to Columbia to receive their winnings after the birthday party they were attending. Seems that her husband has already bought something nice for himself, but she has not made any big purchases with the money. According to ABC 15 News, it won’t feel real to her until she makes that first big purchase. Two more top prizes remain for The Million Game, so if you are wanting to test your luck head to your nearest convenience store.

The B K World in Anderson also received a $10,000 commission for selling the winning lottery ticket. Sounds cool, right? I think I should go ahead and get me a few tickets today and see if her luck can rub off on me!

Source: ABC 15 News