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If someone bought you a car, should you be their personal uber? That’s our question today. We share our lives with you, so when you let us into yours, we love it! You can always send us a DM @TheMRLShow on Instagram. Follow us! We follow back!

In our last DM Drama, we discussed if it was okay to bring a plus one to a wedding that wasn’t addressed to you and a “guest.” This week, Anonymous DMed us and wants to know how to deal with this situation. She said her parents bought her a Range Rover for her birthday, and now all they ask her to do is to drive her little brother and sister around, and she is sick of it. She wants to know if she can tell them that she doesn’t want to help. I say no, out of respect for your parents and the gift you have to play by the rules. Maney thinks the parents are using the car as a weapon.

Where do you all stand on this debate? Should she drive her siblings around or say something to her parents and risk losing the expensive gift? Tell us in our DMs on Instagram!

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