CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS - MARCH 12: Students move out of dorm rooms on Harvard Yard on the campus of Harvard University on March 12, 2020 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Students have been asked to move out of their dorms by March 15 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk. All classes will be moved online for the rest of the spring semester.

Students definitely got the short end of the stick during 2020 and 2021. Important milestones were missed including sports seasons, proms, and the overall in-person learning experience. And college students were no exception. Students across the country were forced to move out of dorms and attend all of their classes online. Yet their tuition costs remained the same. Many feel that they should be reimbursed since they did not get the full experience they were charged for. And some North Carolina students are actually suing on that point WCNC reports.  Do you think college students should receive refunds for classes that were moved to remote learning because of COVID?

The lawsuit which was filed against the UNC Board of Governors will be moving on to a state appellate court. The lawsuit claims that when students were forced to leave North Carolina university campuses it was a “breach of contract”. Despite not being allowed on campus students were still charged fees for things like health services, parking, security, and other benefits they could only take advantage of if the campus was open.

Similar cases have been brought against different universities across the country and have been won by students. I have to side with the plaintiffs in this situation, college students should get refunds for expenses they couldn’t take advantage of during the covid year.


North Carolina College One Of 10 Hardest To Get Into In The Country

We’ve got some fantastic universities in North Carolina. There is no question about that. But when I saw Niche’s latest ranking of the most difficult schools to be admitted to I wasn’t expecting to find an NC school ranked so high. But it’s true, a North Carolina college is one of the hardest to get into in the entire country. It’s ranked right between Columbia and Brown which is not bad company to be included in. This list is compiled by Niche and is based on acceptance rates and SAT/ACT test scores using data from the U.S. Department of Education. The top 25 features schools with acceptance rates between 5 and 12%. And while there has been an overall de-emphasis on SAT/ACT scores, you still are looking at scores in the high 1400s or 1500s if you want to attend one of the most elite schools in the country.

Of course, the Universities you’d expect are on this list including the Ivy League schools. And the top spot should come as no surprise to anyone. But I’ll be honest there were several schools on this list that I had never heard of before. Though to have such rigorous standards for admission a lot of people must have. Most of the toughest colleges to get into are in the Northeast with some in California as well. While it’s not a school I could ever get into, nor a sports team I find myself cheering for sans 2 games a year, it’s still something to be proud of that a North Carolina college is one of the hardest to get into in the country.

So which one is it? Below you’ll find the top 25 list, but I’ll let you know that it’s near the top. You can read the full Niche rankings here.

  • Hardest Colleges To Get Into In America

    According to Niche

  • 1. Harvard University


    Harvard University Eliot House across Charles River, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    “What like it’s hard?” Actually Elle Woods it is. Very hard. Harvard, located in Cambridge, MA outside of Boston was ranked the number one most difficult college to get accepted to in the country. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. Looking to get in? The acceptance rate is just 5% of applicants (and let’s be honest only the best of the best are even applying). You’ll need an SAT score between 1460 and 1580 for the best chance. A perfect SAT score is 1600 just FYI. If you do get in tuition is $18,037 per year.

  • 2. Stanford University


    Aerial view of Stanford University campus

    Coming in at number two is Stanford, I’m not surprised they made the list though how high Stanford ranks is a little unexpected IMO.

    Location: Stanford, CA

    Acceptance Rate: 5%

    SAT Range: 1420-1570

    Net Cost: $20,023

  • 3. Princeton University


    Number 3 brings us back to the Northeast this time New Jersey.

    Location: Princeton, NJ

    Acceptance Rate: 6%

    SAT Range: 1450-1570

    Net Cost: $18,685

  • 4. California Institute of Technology

    More often referred to as “Cal Tech” the California Institute of Technology is the 4th most difficult university to get into.

    Location: Pasadena, CA

    Acceptance Rate: 7%

    SAT Range: 1530-1580

    Net Cost: $26,591

  • 5. Yale University


    Everyone knows that the only real Ivies are the holy trinity: Harvard, Yale, and Princeton at least according to Blair Waldorf. So it’s fitting that Yale rounds out the top 5. 

    Location: New Haven, CT

    Acceptance Rate: 7%

    SAT Range: 1460-1580

    Net Cost: $17,511

  • 6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    While I’ve been to Cambridge, I don’t think I’m smart enough to live there. Not one, but two of the most elite schools in the country call this Boston suburb home.

    Location: Cambridge, MA

    Acceptance Rate: 7%

    SAT Range: 1510-1580

    Net Cost: $19,998

  • 7. University of Chicago

    University of Chicago

    This one stood out to me just because I’m not very familiar with the University of Chicago, but they are in elite company.

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Acceptance Rate: 7%

    SAT Range: 1500-1570

    Net Cost: $36,584

  • 8. Columbia University

    Columbia University

    Another Ivy League school that I would expect to be on this list.

    Location: New York, NY

    Acceptance Rate: 7%

    SAT Range: 1460-1570

    Net Cost: $22,126

  • 9. Duke University

    Duke Univeristy

    North Carolina is represented on this list by none other than Duke University. I knew it was a top school and one of the most difficult to get into, but it’s smack in the middle of some of the most prestigious schools in the country. That’s impressive!

    Location: Durham, NC

    Acceptance Rate: 8%

    SAT Range: 1470-1570

    Net Cost: $26,932

  • 10. Brown University

    Brown University

    Providence, Rhode Island. City in New England region of the United States. Brown University, Department of Economics.

    I’d agree with Serena Vanderwoodsen and put Brown in with the Ivy’s.

    Location: Providence, RI

    Acceptance Rate: 8%

    SAT Range: 1440-1560

    Net Cost: $27,659

  • 11. University of Pennsylvania

    University of Pennsylvania

    University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

    Location: Philadelphia, PA

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1460-1570

    Net Cost: $24,167

  • 12. Northwestern University

    Northwestern University

    Campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

    Location: Evanston, IL

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1430-1550

    Net Price: $28,344

  • 13. Dartmouth College


    Location: New Hanover, NH

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1440-1560

    Net Cost: $24,525

  • 14. Pomona College

    Location: Claremont, CA

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1390-1540

    Net Cost: $30,392

  • 15. Rice University

    Rice University

    Location: Houston, TX

    Acceptance Rate: 11%

    SAT Range: 1460-1570

    Net Cost: $19,215

  • 16. Swarthmore College

    Swarthmore College

    “Gate of Dean Bond Rose Garden in Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, USA”

    Location: Swarthmore, PA

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1360-1510

    Net Cost: $20,360

  • 17. Bowdoin College

    Location: Brunswick, ME

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1360-1510

    Net Cost: $25,622

  • 18. Johns Hopkins University

    Johns Hopkins

    Location: Baltimore, MD

    Acceptance Rate: 11%

    SAT Range: 1470-1560

    Net Cost: $25,241

  • 19. Vanderbilt University


    Campus of Vanderbilt Unversity in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Location: Nashville, TN

    Acceptance Rate: 12%

    SAT Range: 1470-1570

    Net Price: $25,804

  • 20. Cornell University

    Cornell University

    Location: Ithaca, NY

    Acceptance Rate: 11%

    SAT Range: 1400-1540

    Net Cost: $27,522

  • 21. Amherst College

    Location: Amherst, MA

    Acceptance Rate: 12%

    SAT Range: 1430-1560

    Net Cost: $18,832

  • 22. Colby College

    Location: Waterville, ME

    Acceptance Rate: 10%

    SAT Range: 1380-1520

    Net Price: $18,552

  • 23. United States Naval Academy

    US Naval Academy

    Annapolis, Maryland, USA town skyline at Chesapeake Bay with the United States Naval Academy Chapel dome.

    Location: Annapolis, MD

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1230-1450

    Net Cost: N/A

  • 24. United States Military Academy at West Point

    West Point

    Location: West Point, NY

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    SAT Range: 1210-1440

    Net Cost: N/A

  • 25. Tulane University


    Location: New Orlean, LA

    Acceptance Rate: 11%

    SAT Range: 1340-1500

    Net Cost: $47,413

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