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Wedding Cake

Weddings can be incredibly expensive, so brides and grooms on a budget often look for any way they can to save. Some opt to DIY decorations or invitations to cut down on costs, but according to the NY Postone thrifty couple in Taiwan found a creative way to save big time on their reception, all thanks to one word: Costco. I LOVE this! I use Costco for the majority of my parties. It’s a ton of food at a great price! Or, as my husband would say, it satisfies my “champagne taste on a beer budget”!

The newlyweds catered their outdoor reception with a budget-friendly buffet made up entirely of things purchased at Costco. The event was held in an outdoor, park-like area surrounded by trees and greenery and the huge table of food was far from a cheap looking spread. It had baskets of crostini, croissant sandwiches beautifully wrapped and tied with twine, fruit and vegetables scattered for edible decor, as well as lots of other baked goods and other snacks. They even got their wedding cake – a petite, but pretty vanilla frosted single-layer cake, simply topped with fresh rosemary – from Costco.

And the best part about their buffet may have been the price tag. The Pinterest-worthy catering only cost the couple $787, which is a steal when you consider the average wedding costs around $28-thousand these days, according to wedding website The Knot. The bride posted photos of the reception on Facebook, sharing that she used everyday items like baskets, bottles, jars and metal pails to serve the food. Her post has racked up more than 40-thousand likes and hundreds of comments from those impressed with her handiwork, like one commenter who writes, “Y’all did such an amazing job!”

Source: NY Post

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