Wonderful news for BBQ lovers traveling to or from Charlotte. Axios Charlotte is reporting that Midwood Smokehouse will be opening a new location at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The local BBQ chain will take over the spot previously held by the Stock Car Cafe which is in Concourse B. Renderings of the space show that there will be a grab-and-go section as well as sit-down dining. While airports typically have an abundance of chain restaurants, it’s fun to experience the local offerings of a city on your layover. Charlotte Douglas also features Charlotte-based bars and restaurants like Captain Jacks-an OMB spinoff, Rhino Market, The Broken Spoke, Wicked Weed Brewing, and Whisky River.

Midwood Smokehouse should be open and serving up BBQ at Charlotte Douglas International Airport sometime in 2023. As with any airport restaurant the menu will be limited compared to stand-alone locations. You can still expect that freshly smoked meat, however! I love that it is in Concourse B as well, as that’s where I tend to fly out (thanks American!). So I can’t wait to check this out sometime next sure. I’m a get to the airport 2 hours early and relax kinda gal so having good food and drink options is a must.

And on a side note, the airport entrance is barely recognizable due to the fast-moving construction. I flew two weeks ago and the changes made just since June were drastic. Our airport is looking good y’all. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

These Are The Best Restaurants At Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The Washington Post recently compiled a list of the best restaurants in the 13 busiest airports in the country. Being an American Airlines hub, Charlotte definitely fits into that category. And as someone who loves to travel and fly, the list caught my attention. So what are the best restaurants to grab a bite between flights at Charlotte Douglas International Airport? For me, it usually comes down to what is closest to my gate. In 2019 I spent a lot of time at Bad Daddy’s because I kept flying out of the gates right there. I’m the get to the airport 2 hours early, get through security, find my gate, then grab a drink and depending on the time a meal kinda person.

The Best Restaurants At Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The Post named three spots at each airport: a sitdown, a quick service, and a wild card restaurant. And the three spots representing Charlotte are very, well Charlotte. The sit-down restaurant featured is Captain Jack’s Tavern in Terminal E. Captain Jack’s is the airport location of Olde Mecklenburg Brewery so you know you’re going to get a good beer, you can also choose from a selection of wraps, sandwiches, and other quick bites.

But don’t worry, we are going to get even more quintessentially Charlotte. The quick service the Washington Post chose as the best? Bojangles. The Charlotte-based fast food fried chicken chain takes the cake and is worth your time. Even the most rushed travelers should have time to grab some chicken, cajun fries, and of course a bo’berry biscuit. Did you even visit the south if you didn’t try it? There are two airport locations of Bojangles one in Concourse B and the other in “the Plaza”.

And finally, we have the “wild card”. And it happens to be where I stopped before a flight to Nashville back in June, The Broken Spoke. The Broken Spoke is a Charlotte-based distillery and at their airport location, you can get beer, wine, or liquor or a quick bite to eat. It’s located in Terminal A in a newly renovated part of the airport.

Of course, these are one opinion of the best restaurants but they are far from the only options to eat and drink while at Charlotte Douglas. And while all three of these are fantastic options, I wouldn’t tell you to walk to the opposite side of the airport to try one out. You can view a full list of the restaurants at the airport here. Keep reading to see the best spots at the other busiest airports as chances are you are flying into or connecting at one of them!