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“Accidental Cheating” is a thing says Daily Mail… are you guilty of it?  Relationship expert Tracey Cox, says there’s been a “massive shift” in what women will and won’t put up with when it comes to cheating partners. She says years ago, women would be likely to say, “It’s just men being men. All men cheat,” but today things they would have turned a blind eye to back then have become dealbreakers.

As a result, Cox says men are confused. Male clients complain to her that they don’t know what the “rules” are anymore. The definition of monogamy is not having a sexual or romantic encounter with anyone other than the person you’re committed to. It may be straightforward, but the way people interpret it is not. This is her take on the new rules of infidelity and what counts as cheating.

  • Going to a strip club – Some women are okay with this in some cases. Like for a bachelor party, while others consider it cheating. Men are less likely to object to their partner going to a male strip club. But Cox’s advice is to talk about it as a couple before hitting the strip club to see where your partner stands.
  • Dirty dancing with other people on a night out with friends – When you’re enjoying a girls night out or your S.O. is out with the guys, dancing with other people in a group is usually no big deal. But when there’s flirting, touching and it starts getting handsy? That’s crossing a line.
  • Having dinner with a friend or coworker who obviously likes you – If you go and don’t let your partner know there’s a one-sided crush going on, you’re hiding something and that’s not okay. Even if you have no interest in the other person, it’s just bad form.
  • Liking sexy photos posted by other people – Does anyone really want to see their partner posting “fire” emojis on a bikini shot of another woman? Probably not.
  • Sending photos of yourself to other men or women – We’re talking just regular pics, not “sexy” shots, and if there’s a purpose, like you’re hiking and you think they’d love this spot, it can be justified. But if it’s happening often with the same person, it could be a sign of an emotional affair.
  • Having DMs with someone who isn’t a friend – Having a private conversation with someone you weren’t already friends with generally means you have something to hide, Cox says.