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Labor and delivery nurses have seen and heard it all, including all kinds of wild comments from men while their partners are giving birth. According to Cafe Mom, a 30-year-old nurse, is sharing some of the crazy things she’s heard dads say while their S.O.s are in labor in a hilarious TikTok as a series of “inspirational quotes.”

“Some partners are hard to live up to,” Nurse Holly teases in the caption of one video, which has gone viral with more than 10.4-million views. In the clip, she shares some of the surprising and inappropriate comments in the style of “inspirational quotes” over relaxing backgrounds with Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 Miles.” The video was such a hit, she’s made part two and part three follow-up videos to share more comments.

You won’t believe these things actually came out of men’s mouths while the mother of their child was in labor:

“I think you should just get a C-section. This is taking too long.”

“Sew an extra stitch down there for me, doc. We want everything just the way it was before all of this.”

“Are you sure you want an epidural? My mom didn’t have one. Before you make a decision, we should talk about it.”

“How long is this gonna take? I have plans this weekend.”

“Wake me up when the baby gets here I’m tired,”

Another father asked his wife to “move to the birthing ball,” so that he could sleep in the bed.

One man asked the doctor if the hospital did DNA tests, while his wife was pushing the baby out, because his “mom wants him to get one.”

And another dad told his wife, who was having a C-section and crying, “You took the easy way out. This isn’t even bad. You don’t have to do any work to have the baby. They do it all for you.”

Source: Cafe Mom

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