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Here’s how to make your cuffing season a success! Now that it’s officially fall, “cuffing season” has begun. Bustle  has some ways to make it a great one!


It’s that time of year when everyone tries to find a partner so they have a plus-one to the office holiday party and someone to snuggle in the cold weather. These less than serious tips may help in your search for a suitable seasonal S.O.

  • Be aware of retrogrades – There are six planets in retrograde right now: Mercury, which rules communication; Jupiter, which rules prosperity; Saturn, which rules your morality; Uranus, which rules innovation; Neptune, which rules spirituality; and Pluto, which rules power. Retrograde messes everything up! So before you start searching for cuffing season partners. Think about what you’re truly looking for in someone.
  • Get Vaxxed – When you get your booster, flirt with the person sitting next to you. Tell them “there’s something hot about caring for yourself and others” and if they respond positively, they may be ready to be cuffed.
  • Understand that not everyone can like you – And you don’t need them to. All you need is the right person, or the “right now” person to be into you for cuffing season.
  • Be ready to move quickly – The weather is crazy these days.  So if it happens to spontaneously snow in October, just know that everyone will be ready to partner up sooner. And the faster you do, the faster first dates will be a thing of the past.
  • Recognize that potential partners are everywhere – Midterm elections are coming up, so when you cast your vote, do it in person. Your cuffing partner could be next to you in line at the polls, so wear your favorite outfit.
  • Don’t be too quick to judge – First impressions aren’t always what they seem and things change regardless, so try to hold off on snap judgements.
  • Keep your spirits up – If you don’t find someone, you’ll still be able to enjoy the cold weather and everything that goes with it, plus you won’t have to share your ice cream and you’ll always get to decide what to watch on TV.