ARLINGTON, TX - FEBRUARY 06: A vendor sells beer before the Green Bay Packers play against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.

We are just at week 3 of the NFL Season, but I can already tell it’s going to take some drinks to make it through as a Panthers fan. And clearly, I’m not alone. With the NFL season underway our friends at Pickswise decided to take a look into the game-day habits of NFL fans across the country. They surveyed more than 1,000 NFL fans including those of all 32 teams and inquired about their eating, drinking, and spending trends on game day. One of the most telling statistics- the NFL’s heaviest drinkers.

And looking at the totals of some of the teams, I’m wondering what you people do for a living. Outside of buying tickets the beer at most NFL stadiums is not cheap. The league average according to Pickswise is 4 units of alcohol. At Bank of America Stadium, that’s a high price tag. However, Panthers fans came in much higher than that. And keep in mind this is just at the stadium, this isn’t fans at home drinking from their $20 case of beer or White Claw. You’re probably asking what constitutes a “unit” of alcohol, I was too. It’s not an easy to visualize conversion but a 12oz beer would be 2 units of alcohol. So that tallboy you’re drinking on gameday is 4 units. Which makes these numbers seem a lot more normal.

Cardinals fans averaged the most drinks during the game but they also have some of the cheapest beer $6.50 on average. But still over 9 units of alcohol a game? And you can’t buy alcohol in the 4th quarter I’m assuming if it’s the same as our rules. Cardinals fans are you even seeing the field?

The average NFL fan is spending just under $50 on drinks per game. Some other interesting statistics from the study? Pizza is the most popular food item. For me it’s those cajun Bojangles fries. I rarely, if ever, go to Bojangles in real life but once I’m in that stadium I make a beeline to the fries. Other popular snacks include the classics- wings and nachos.

Methodology: 1,017 NFL fans in the US were surveyed regarding their eating, drinking, and spending habits inside stadiums and at home. The results were analyzed and cleaned by our in-house data team. Respondents could select up to three different drinks and snacks, and were aged between 21-99.

Keep reading to see the top 10 NFL’s heaviest drinkers. While it’s great to have fun, if you choose to consume alcohol during sporting events please do so responsibly and don’t drive.

The League’s Top 10 Game Day Drinkers