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Do you know what kind of eater you are? According to it turns out there are four different types – fog, fuel, fun and storm – and some are better for our health than others. Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Chief of Psychology for weight loss app Noom, says, “Understanding the four types of eating habits can help paint a clearer perspective on how you think about and consume food.”

Experts say we all experience these different eating types at different times in our lives and that we tend to stick with a mix of two or three types most often. Michaelides explains that the behavioral triggers that determine each type of eating “stem from the same place: our routines, emotions, and interactions all impact how we consume food.”

Consider this your crash course in the four types of eaters:

Fuel eaters – This type chooses and eats foods that are nourishing for the body, with a goal of giving the body energy and boosting health, rather than eating for emotional or other reasons. This group may be considered the “healthiest” of the four and Michaelides says it’s how we should be eating 80% of the time because it’s nutritious and avoids overly processed foods.

Fog eaters – Those in this group eat mindlessly without really noticing what or how much they’re eating, as well as eating when they’re bored.

Storm eaters – This can feel like eating out of control and it tends to be an emotional reaction to an external trigger, rather than physical hunger that drives it. “Storm eating often happens when we allow ourselves to get too hungry or when we’re having an overwhelming emotional reaction to something,” Dr Michaelides explains.

Fun eaters – It’s probably no surprise that this type is all about eating foods they love to eat, regardless of how nutritious they are. Fun foods have a time and a place, but don’t offer much in the way of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, so they should really be enjoyed occasionally.


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