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Date Em’ Or Dump Em’ is where we hear from 2 people who really hit it off on a date. However, one of them is usually hung up on a “red flag” that they consider a deal breaker.

A couple of weeks ago, we heard a Date Em’ Or Dump Em,’ where we spoke to Alex and Mark, who were deadlocked about who’s favorite brand is better. Coke or Pepsi. If this sounds like the dumbest reason ever not to date someone, you’re not alone. LauRen couldn’t wrap her head around it and suggested that his couple just order water and wine when they are out together. Maney was a little more understanding about brand loyalty, and our listeners are all over the place.

This week we heard from Paul, who has been on five dates with a girl he was feeling but became freaked out when she called him, her boyfriend, at lunch in front of her friends. He thinks it’s a red flag of a stage 5 clinger. Our radio fam thinks he’s the problem.

Where do you stand? Watch the video below and DM us @TheMRLSHow.

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