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LONDON - MARCH 04: In this photo illustration, two pedestrians walks past padded lamp posts whilst texting in Brick Lane on March 4, 2008 in London, England. Brick Lane has become the first 'Safe Text' street in the UK. the padded lamp posts have been introduced to combat the 6.5 million street injuries that occur from walking and texting. (Photo by Micha Theiner/Getty Images)

I’m no expert at being a romantic! So here’s 10 creative sexting ideas that don’t involve sending a nude! Hahaha

When it comes to sexting, lots of people automatically think it has to involve nudes. But it doesn’t! There’s ways to get super creative sexting without needing to take a pic of you naked. Here are ten other sexts you can send that’ll definitely spice things up according to Bustle.

  1. Send a “lewd.” Send a sexy or suggestive pic where you’re partially covered up like in the bath, lingerie, boxers, sheets, etc.
  2. Send a voice note during a self-pleasure session. Voice notes are underrated. Next time you’re pleasuring yourself, record a short voice note of your reaction.
  3. Send them a sexual GIF. Can’t find one? Try looking on Twitter.
  4. Leave them surprise nudes to find later. Take nudes on your partners phone and hide them in a folder. Then while you’re apart, text them telling them to check the folder.
  5. Send a link to a NSFW video with things you want to try. Ethical porn can be a great place to go for ideas… and to share with your partner.
  6. Send an “innocent” picture with a sexy toy in it. Subtlety can be just as spicy. Once they notice the toy, ask them if they want to use it later.
  7. Send them erotica excerpts. There’s so many erotic short stories widely available for free online.
  8. Send links to different lingerie options. Send your SO a few links and ask them which one they like.
  9. Have them download an app attached to a remote controlled toy. This is especially great for long-distance relationships.
  10. Set a sexy wake-up alarm on their phone. If you don’t sleep together every night, make their wake-up alarm a voice memo of your self-pleasure sounds.