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A wedding singer claims his cheating ex hired her to perform at his nuptials the New York Post reports. A jilted woman has gone viral after claiming she was accidentally hired to sing at her cheating ex’s nuptials. She then shamed the unsuspecting groom and his new bride when she reached the microphone.

Alexandra Starr has drawn 17.3 million views on TikTok with a clip posted last month. “He who cheated on me booked my band to perform at his wedding — and he doesn’t know I’m the singer,” she declared. Starr claimed that she had been dating the groom for five years before he cheated on her. He cheated on her with the woman he was set to wed!!  No doubt she was eager to exact revenge on the both of them.

In the clip, the unsuspecting bride and groom get ready for their first dance with Starr’s back turned towards them. The bands strikes up, before the brunette songstress begins performing the couple’s chosen wedding song, “All of Me” by John Legend. But the vindictive wedding singer soon derails the newlyweds’ night, switching tracks and launching into a version of “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, turning around to face the couple and reveal her identity.

The clip — which has been viewed 9.9 million times — shows the blond bride looking shocked and confused, as Starr sings the lyrics: “Right now, he’s probably slow dancin’ with a bleached-blonde tramp and she’s probably gettin’ frisky.”

Update. We watched the video! It looks really fake!