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Ladies, how would you feel if your husband posts an ad to find gay man to party with wife? A tired husband in New York tried a surprising solution to help him get out of going out with his wife to weekend events.

The unnamed man according to Today was tired of hitting the clubs on the weekends. To help he placed an ad on Craigslist “looking for a gay man” to take his wife out to party.

Popular nightlife producer Terence Edgerson shared a screenshot of the chaperone-seeking listing. Titled, “Looking for Gay man to take wife out to party,” on Instagram. “My wife is great but she always wants to go out. Especially to Brooklyn electronic music events,” the post begins. “Unfortunately, I’m unable to keep up with her. I’m not disabled or anything. I just need someone who can chaperone her to these events as a friend so I can get some rest.”

The exhausted husband’s ad shares that his wife is 30 and the ideal candidate is into electronic music, likes to party and is probably in their late 20s to 30s. He also offers an hourly rate of $30 an hour, as well as paying the price of admission to any events they go to with his wife. Edgeson says someone sent him the post and it had him cracking up, so he decided to share it with his more than 10-thousand followers. And many of them were jumping at the chance to be this woman’s gay clubbing pal:

  • “The way I’d take little miss thang out for a good time, we’d be out from 9pm-6am,” one Instagram user writes.
  • “Finally, a way to put my plus ones to work,” comments another.
  • And a third asks, “OK, so like where are we going?”