Kids of all ages look forward every year to the annual Scarowinds event at Carowinds.  It typically begins in mid-September and runs through the end of October.  Our son went many times during his middle school and high school years with groups of friends.  They always had a great time riding rides and checking out the seasonal spooky attractions.  The opening weekend this year took an actual scary turn when rumors of shots fired during a fight sent visitors running for cover.  Park officials say no one was shot, and the claims were false.  However, the unruly behavior of the teens that led to the chaos has Carowinds reportedly introducing a new chaperone policy.

Details of the policy aren’t available yet, but the park says the safety of guests is always top priority and they have a zero-tolerance policy for the type of behavior that took place Saturday night.  The park currently uses metal detectors and screens visitors.  Through the years the park has implemented enhanced video surveillance and provided the ability for guests to report inappropriate behavior via text.  The park will detail the new chaperone policy this week.