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This story is an update on something we talked about a few months ago on the show. A NC school asks the Supreme Court to review dress code ruling.

A school in Leland NC, is in hot water for basically forcing their female students to wear skirts in school.  The on-air debate wasn’t much of a debate at all. Everyone on the show felt it was a crazy rule. Of course, the other side of the coin is, it’s a private charter school. If you don’t like their rules you can send the kids to another school.

The North Carolina charter school is turning to the Supreme Court after losing a court case over their dress code. In June, an appeals court ruled that the school violated female students’ constitutional rights by requiring them to wear skirts. Charter Day School in Leland believes that women are “regarded as a fragile vessel that men are supposed to take care of and honor.” The school has petitioned the high court to overturn the 4th Circuit Court decision.

“Fragile vessels?” What is this the middle ages lol?

What do you guys think? I went to an all boys’ high school and had to wear a tie every day. Some of the students who came from public schools didn’t like that idea. So guess what? They left the school! When I was in elementary school I wore a uniform, the girls wore skirts. Parents loved it. They didn’t have to do a big back-to-school shopping spree!

This whole story is very interesting to me. The Charter Day School is saying “hey, we’re private, we don’t need to follow the constitutional law.”

We’ll see what the court system says in a few months. If the Supreme Court agrees to take the case at all.