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(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

This story is crazy! A girl takes a creepy doll everywhere and makes it kids cry! A few weeks ago the show had a good laugh at the CLT woman who’s daughter carried something odd around. Her daughter carried a Titos Vodka bottle everywhere. That was funny! This though. Is a little creepy!

A Florida mom may be regretting visiting a Halloween pop-up store. That’s where Brittany Beard’s daughter Briar fell in love with “Creepy Chloe,” a doll that’s got red demonic eyes and a cracked skin face.

Briar takes the doll everywhere, which isn’t good considering the sight of it makes kids twice her age cry. As a freaky bonus, Chloe has a giggle that turns into an evil laugh. Brittany is going to let Briar keep loving her favorite toy… even though sister Belle is scared of it.