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Where are we going with healthcare.

Choosing what to name your newborn is an important decision and one that most parents take very seriously.

We had a hard time naming my 2nd son Jaxson, because we already “hit it out of the park” with our first sons name, Cashton Duke. We took so much time naming our 2nd little boy, they wouldn’t let us leave the hospital because he didn’t have a name 2 days after birth.

Many moms and dads make lists, consult books, websites, and family histories to get name inspiration, but sometimes they still end up getting it wrong and have “baby name regret” down the road. And now some moms on TikTok are entertaining us with their honest regrets about the names they gave their kids.

According to New York Post, it all started with comedian Gabby Lamby who posted a video asking, “Ok, serious question for parents: Do you ever regret what you named your kid?” She says when she was growing up, she kept a list of potential baby names for a child she may have one day in the future. “Thank God I didn’t have a kid when I was like 16, 18, 22, 25, because the names I wrote down were f-ing atrocious,” she says. “For instance, I wanted to name my potential kid Sublime, after the band.” And she adds that she would have regretted that choice.

Gabby then asks parents to share their baby name regrets, and moms joined in to confess theirs:

“I accidentally named my son Bill Clinton,” one mom shares. “It’s my husband’s fault. He was very adamant that we name him William, which is a family name for him. And we made his middle name Clinton. Bill is short for William. So Bill Clinton.”

“I wanted an outdoorsy boy name. We settled on Aspen, because that’s a cool name,” explains another mom. “It’s a cool name, but not for him. My boy gets car sick in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. He loves air conditioning and sitting down.” So when he was 18 months old, they changed it to Luke.

“I had my daughter at 21,” begins one mom. “I named my daughter Khloe, and I still love that name. But here is where it gets a little weird. In some lame attempt at being quirky and original, I ended up giving her two E’s. And I decided she needs an apostrophe.”

“My daughter’s initials are ASS,” shares another mom.

“I have two kids, one is MLK (Martin Luther King) and the other is JFK (John F Kennedy). Oops,” reveals another.

Source: New York Post

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