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One of Charlotte’s most popular local breweries is getting ready to move from their original location, and they are not going quietly this month!

Sycamore Brewing is in the heart of South End. I remember going there almost every weekend when I first moved to Charlotte. In addition to their Food Truck Friday’s, they always seemed to have different events and fun things going on. Even if you weren’t a huge fan of their beer, it was always fun to go.

As part of the complete remodel of South End that is, and has been happening the past few years, Sycamore is moving soon.

Their current location on 2161 Hawkins Street, will soon become another massive skyscraper. (Shocking, I know…) Come this Winter, they are moving into a much larger space right next door at 2151 Hawkins Street.

Sycamore’s last weekend at their original location will be Sept 30th- October 2nd, so of course they are throwing a 3 day long party to celebrate the end of this era.

The massive party will have

  • two stages with live music
  • food trucks
  • fan favorite beers
  • merchandise, and giveaways.

I may have to come check out this party for old times sake later this month.

The new Sycamore location will be much bigger, and will have cocktails, food, and a coffee shop all added on. While the renderings I’ve seen do look nice, I’ll be interested to see if the new sycamore will retain the same vibe and unique atmosphere as the current one. It seems like every new businesses or remodel in South End has become a bland, basic commercialized carbon copy of one-another, so I hope Sycamore will avoid that!

Charlotte Brewery Makes the Top 10 at U.S. Open Beer Championship

Cheers! One Charlotte brewery is in the top 10 breweries at the U.S. Open Beer Championship. Charlotte-based brewery, Pilot Brewing, took home the No. 5 spot at the championship. Following the pandemic schedule changes, the event took place in Oxford, Ohio.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the U.S. Open is a blind competition where judges determine the best beer based on the categories being given. Breweries send over 9,000 brews representing over 150 styles of beer. Pilot Brewing is the No. 5 top brewery in the competition. The brewery is in Plaza Midwood and is a local favorite. The brewery’s co-owners, Rachel Hudson and her husband, Jeff, took home the No. 5 overall in the competition.

“Ever since we’ve opened the brewery we’ve always been very big on brewing high-quality beers with the finest ingredients and putting out the best beers possible,” Hudson said to the Charlotte Observer. Pilot Brewing is known for brewing original recipes representing traditional and experimental styles. Their famous pilot beers include menu favorites like Layover In Hanover, Raspberry Sol, Kölsch Me If You Can, and more. Check out the full list of their beers, ciders, and seltzers here.

Top 10 Breweries at the U.S. Open Beer Championship: