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An Amazon driver in New York is being hailed a hero after running into a burning home to rescue a family. According to CBS News, Kevin Rivera was finishing up his delivery route when he spotted a fire in front of a home in Syosset on Long Island. He could see that several people were inside the home, including a woman and a baby, but it was clear they didn’t know that they were in danger.

Fearing for the family’s lives, Rivera rushed into the home and urged them to get out. Because the family didn’t speak English, at first they didn’t understand what he was telling them, but he still managed to get the six residents and their dogs to leave the house through the back door, avoiding the fire.

Then the family got outside and saw the flames. “They just started crying,” Rivera recalls. “They just got emotional.” Syosset firefighters arrived minutes later and eventually got the fire under control but weren’t able to save the home. However, because of Rivera’s quick thinking, no one was seriously injured in the blaze. Neighbor Amanda Johnson says she thinks what he did was great, adding that if he hadn’t come along, “It would have been a lot worse.”

Source: CBS News

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