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A bartender has gone viral on Tik Tok after posting a video claiming she can tell if men are cheating or not based on what they order at the bar.

Now obviously, this can’t be scientifically correct, but I find it hilarious either way! Bartenders see a lot so while this is still her opinion, I think it’s interesting.

Paige, who goes by @paigelydick0 on Tik Tok, has accumulated millions of views from her video claiming she can tell if your boyfriend is cheating based on what his favorite beer is.

Paige makes sure to list her credentials on the Tik Tok: “I work at a bar and I’ve got horrible relationships and they all drank something different, so listen up.”

What could go wrong?


I would love if a Charlotte bartender did this with some local brewery beers! Think of how funny this would be with some of Charlotte’s most popular beer options.