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Traveling the world is something a lot of us dream about but may not get to do, thanks to things like jobs, kids, and budgets. But one couple has found a way to fund their trip of a lifetime — a decade-long honeymoon around the world — by selling spicy pictures of themselves online.

According to the NY PostSilke Muys and Keiran Shannon first met in Spain in 2019, immediately fell for each other, and after three months, they took off on their first trip together. While they were working as models for a wedding photographer on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Shannon popped the question to Muys, and they tied the knot in that same spot on August 30, 2021. Afterward, they walked over 300 miles across the island, and that was what gave them the idea for their ultra-long honeymoon.

They’ve just celebrated their first anniversary, and they’re a year into their dream honeymoon, which they hope will last 10 years. To fund their wanderlust, the couple lives on just $8 a day, stays in the cheapest hostels, skips luxuries and gourmet meals, and sometimes plays music in local spots and stays in hotels in exchange for a sponsored Instagram post. They also earn $400 a month from selling nude photos of themselves to subscribers on Patreon once a week on what they call “Freaky Friday.”

Source: NY Post

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