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This isn’t really me…But, most Americans say their social circle shrunk as they got older. I like to keep social circle large… But SWNS Digital did a survey and found:

A new survey of Americans 55 and older finds:

  • The average person over 55 has just four reliable friends.
  • 77% say their social circle has gotten smaller as they’ve gotten older.
  • 48% say they’ve stopped being friends with at least three people in the last two years.
  • And losing friends is making 19% of people feel lonely more than half the week.

But many don’t think it’s a lost cause.

  • In fact, 83% of people believe it’s never too late to make friends.
  • 70% of those polled say they really want to make new friends.
  • 55% say it’s important to find someone who likes the same tings as you.
  • 50% want a friend to have a great conversation with.
  • 49% want to meet someone with similar life experiences.
  • 40% want a friend to be active with.

And it certainly sounds like finding new friends could be good for your health as you get older.

  • 64% of people believe they’d be more physically active if they had a buddy to do it with.
  • 46% of people have actually made a new friend while being active.
  • 37% say it can be lonely being active all by themselves.
  • 60% of people would be willing to try out a new activity if they didn’t have to do it alone.
  • Specifically, some folks are hoping to make new friends through:
    • Walking or hiking (48%)
    • Swimming (32%)
    • Strength and conditioning classes (31%)

So even though most Americans say their social circle shrunk, you just need to have 1 or 2 good friends!