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I saw recently Buzzfeed featured a few Charlotte fast food employees on one of their threads.  Some Charlotte fast food workers shared things they want their customers to know.

If you’ve ever worked in the fast food industry, there are probably lots of secrets you wish your customers knew, right? These fast food workers sure did, and shared what they really want customers to know with “Buzzfeed.”

“Put your cups closer to the drink dispenser. I know this seems dumb, but when you get a drink and hold it far away from the nozzle, it causes drink splatters, and then we have to clean it up. Don’t even get me started on how often they spill tea.”

  • “If you are in the drive-thru, please don’t have the passenger order. We can hardly hear them. It’s frustrating to keep asking you to repeat yourself.”
  • “I work at a Wendy’s, and most of the sandwiches have a ‘default’ like the cheeseburger defaults to a double. If you want a single or triple, tell me that BEFORE I put it in! Otherwise, I have to get a manager to change it, which can take several minutes!”
  • “When going through the drive-thru when it’s raining, for the love of Thor, turn off your wipers at the windows! Nobody wants to get soaked with a face-full of dirty windshield water!”
  • “If you go to Taco Bell and want anything grilled, please order those items first. It takes a few more seconds than usual to make those items.”
  • “People toss their keys at me so that I can search for my store’s loyalty store tag amongst multiple store loyalty store tags. It is rude and degrading.”
  • “Ordering through the mobile app or using curbside pickup doesn’t mean your order is made first or faster. It’s goes into the grill queue when it’s received. You have to wait just like the people in line.”

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