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If you’re like me and love doing the majority of your holiday shopping online, you may want to shop in advance or start saving some extra money after Amazon’s latest announcement.

According to, Amazon said on Tuesday that they will be taking an additional fee to certain sellers during the upcoming holiday season. The fee will help offset rising costs of labor and logistics.

Essentially you can expect to pay about 35 cents per item on goods sold via Amazon’s warehouse. The fee will be charges between October 15th – Jan 14th, the company said.

Inflation has been affecting many businesses, and I understand that sometimes people have to raise costs to stay afloat, but I have a hard time believing Amazon is really struggling for cash, so I’m not super forgiving of this decision. Will I still use Amazon? of course! I pay the yearly subscription and it’s way too covenant not to.

I guess this year, I’ll have to start shopping extra early, or expect to pay a little more because of this new charge.