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Have you ever had someone park so close to you that you had to enter your car from the passenger side and climb over the center console just to get to the steering wheel? Well, that is what happened to me this week, and honestly… I blame Maney.

You see, the parking spots here at the station are pretty small. Not bad for compact cars, but anything bigger than a Honda Civic is hard to pull in. So, Maney typically parks his Jeep on the end cap because there is a no parking space on the left side, and he can slightly pull into that spot to give everyone else some extra room. I follow suit and park next to Maney (also slightly adjusted) to give the next person some more room.

On this particular day, Maney left before me, so someone else was parked in his spot when I left, and when I say this “jackwagon” parked so close to me I couldn’t get in my car, I am NOT exaggerating.

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