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Fall is just around the corner, and while Summer travel may have been a nightmare for many, and according to Expedia, there is a new report reveals it’s not discouraging people from getting away this fall.

  •  Fall getaways have increased 40% over the same time last year.
  • The best time to travel domestically and get deals is the week of September 26th, where ticket prices are, on average, almost 45% cheaper than in the summer.
  • To save money on international flights, October 10th is the best week to get away, with prices 20% lower than in the summer.
  • Folks can also save money departing on Tuesday or Wednesday, instead of Monday.

So, where are folks most interested in going this fall?

  • Well, internationally, London is the top destination, with searches up 290% compared to last year, followed by
    • Paris (210%)
    • Munich (180%)
    • Copenhagen (150%)
    • Dublin (80%)
  • Domestically, folks are showing the most interest in New York City, with searches up (75%), followed by
    • Seattle (55%)
    • Washington D.C. (45%)
    • San Francisco (35%)
    • Boston (30%)
  • As for where travelers can get the best airline deals compared to summer, ticket prices for Seattle show the biggest price difference, with tickets more than 45% lower than during summer time.
  • Other deals include:
    • Los Angeles (down more than 35%)
    • Portland (down nearly 35%)
    • Barcelona (down almost 30%)
    • San Francisco (down more than 25%)
    • London (down around 20%)

Source: Expedia

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