Appetizing cheeseburger on wooden table. Flat lay. Food photography

Who is hungry? As I am sitting here, I am currently hungry and a burger does sound quite good. I know some people enjoy dreaming about a juicy, tasty cheeseburger on a good day. Especially at the end of the week when you are just ready to enjoy some relaxation from a long day at work. A cheeseburger and some fries I am sure will solve the problem for many of us.

Well, Yelp knows America’s obsession with cheeseburgers and is here to help. They went to find the best cheeseburgers in every state according to reviews. Whether it’s thick and juicy, thin and crispy, or loaded with your favorite toppings you’ll find something good. If you’re in South Carolina, then you might be wondering where you can find the best cheeseburger there is. According to Yelp, the popular restaurant, Husk, is home to the best cheeseburger in the state.

Husk is located in Charleston, South Carolina, one of the state’s best areas to find great food. Husk has been recognized for many other things, but today we are discussing the best cheeseburger. Although their menu does frequently change, if you can ever catch a cheeseburger you will not regret it. They also are serving up great drinks, appetizers, and more! So, who is down to go to Husk with me sometime to give this burger a try? Beat you there!