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Love the flavors of truffle, and ranch? How about them together? Well, it’s really happening.

Condiment brand, TRUFF, who you may have noticed on the shelves with their hot sauce, have just come out with a new prduct that I’m sure will get people talking.

My boyfriend loves the TRUFF hot sauces. We have two of the flavors at home and he puts is on everything.

Now, TRUFF is coming out with a new product; TRUFF x Hidden Valley Ranch. Essentially this will mix together Ranch, and the TRUFF’s Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce.


The new product will be released on Tuesday, August 30th, and it is only available for a limited time. You have to buy the new condiment online too; and

It’s PRICEY TOO! The sauce costs $24.99 a bottle. Yes, I’ll have to pass on that. I don’t care how good it is, condiments should no cost more than $20… Especially when I would probably be eating it with some cheap frozen chicken nuggets.

Would you try it?


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