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A good therapist can totally change your perspective, but sometimes it takes a long time to get there. Other times, all it takes is one sentence from a therapist to make it all click and make sense to you. A Reddit thread asks, “What’s the best thing your therapist ever said to you?” And these are some of the life-changing things people have heard in their therapy sessions.

  • “I don’t think you need me anymore.”
  • “That I’m not responsible for other people’s feelings, in most circumstances. Their emotions are their own.”
  • “Why are you still talking to your ex?”
  • “Waking up today already means you’re winning because you did that. You almost didn’t, and that’s exactly where those thoughts belong. In ‘almost’ because they never happened. And they never should. Keep waking up. And keep winning.”
  • “You must allow your family members to ruin their lives, and they must allow you to ruin yours. That’s called boundaries. Everyone is allowed to ruin or improve their own lives the way they want to.”
  • “Take care of your inner child”
  • “You can’t be helped if you’re not willing to accept help and actively change.”
  • “Not every relationship is supposed to end with a marriage. Learn something from each relationship and quit beating yourself up when it ends. It wasn’t a failure, it was an experience.”
  • “I was talking about how I knew I was a weird guy, and how much effort I had to spend being normal. She told me it’s okay to be weird. It was very freeing.”
  • “That’s a very human and reasonable response to that situation”
  • “You are the farthest thing from crazy. You did the best you could with what you had. You exhausted yourself trying to make a miserable person happy. You are free of her now.”
  • “The goal isn’t to make the past okay…it’s already messed up, it’s to be able to live the future as well as you can.”
  • “Just because bad things happened to you doesn’t mean you deserved them”
  • “Every bad day you’ve ever had – no matter how hard it was, you’ve overcome”

I feel better already, how about you? Hope this helps.