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Yesterday, we read a DM from a 16-year-old who said her mom is the most embarrassing! She said, “I am Dm-ing because my mom is out of control. She loves going to the pool with me on Sundays, and I love it too. I get some family time; I get to see my friends and catch a little sun. The thing is, my mom is getting increasingly more and more embarrassing. She is always following me around with white ass sunscreen, rubbing it on my nose, chest, and back. She also yells things like honey, make sure you’re drinking enough water, so you don’t get dehydrated. I know she means well, but I see a hot guy, and I want to hide for fear she is going to pull out one of her dumb mom rules. How do I break up with my mom (just at the pool)? Do I ask to sit separately or just ask to go alone?

Well, we, of course, gave her some advice, but I am not sure Maney’s advice was any good. He might actually get her grounded…

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