Residents and visitors of Wrightsville Beach were greeted with a surprise Monday morning. The water on the southern end of the North Carolina beach was a neon green color. But no fear it’s not due to some nefarious source.  Social media users quickly hypothesized it was due to something like a dye, fertilizer, or algae.

Turns out it was a dye that is used to identity leaks that WRAL reports the US Coast Guard attributed to their neighbors. The dye is nothing to be concerned about and is harmless to humans and animals.

So while it was initially shocking there is an easy explanation for the site. And honestly, I’d love to see the water at North Carolina beach such a pretty neon green color. It’s a much shorter trip than the Caribbean.


North Carolina Has 5 Of The Cutest Southern Seaside Towns

There are still a few weeks of summer left so it’s not too late for that beach trip. Or as fall approaches maybe you want to get away without getting in the water. If either one of those is the case then we’ve got the list for you! Country Living recently compiled a list of what they consider the cutest seaside towns in the south. And we are proud to say that of the 30 seaside towns featured in the list 5 are in North Carolina! That’s pretty impressive. And gives you several options for a relaxing vacation on the coast.

Whether you like the historic charm, soaking in nature, or proximity to a larger town there is a destination on this list you’ll adore. There’s a good chance you’ve been to one or two as well. If not there is still time! I have to say though, even as a North Carolina resident, I’ve been to more of the South Carolina towns (there are also 5) on this list. But there is nothing wrong with adding to the bucket list though it’s getting pretty long these days.

What do you think are the cutest seaside towns in North Carolina? Would you agree with this list?