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When it comes to liquor, everyone has their own tastes and own favorites, and it turns out some parts of the country are partial to different liquors than others.

A new report by Upgraded Points set out to discover the Most Popular Liquors in Every State, ranked by both type and brand. They looked at Google Trends data, based on keywords for liquor types and brands using info from popular alcohol-based websites. In total, 150 keywords were used, including 14 liquor types, 73 popular liquor brands at 63 celebrity brands.

The most popular liquor overall appears to be whiskey, landing at number one in 18 states, followed by vodka, cognac, scotch, and tequila. As for the most popular liquor brands, Malibu tops the list as number one in five states followed by Appleton Estates, Ciroc, Hennessy, and Jose Cuervo. Finally, when it comes to celebrity liquor brands, topping the list is Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, from UFC fighter Conor McGregor, is number one in six states. Other popular celebrity brands include Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander’s Crystal Head Vodka, Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, “Vampire Diaries” Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder’s Brother’s Bond Burbon, Director Steven Soderbergh’s Singari, and Elon Musk’s Tesla tequila.

So what’s the most popular liquor in the Carolinas?

In North Carolina…vodka!

In South Carolina…whiskey!

As far as the most popular celebrity liquor brand…North Carolina enjoys Old Camp Whiskey while South Carolina enjoys Dos Primos Tequila.

To see the full report, click here.