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Maney & Producer Nicole really take the cake for most awkward encounter while in Chicago.

Maney, LauRen, and I participated in “Morning Show Boot Camp” last week. It’s basically a radio convention. The three of us went to Chicago and spent two days trying to become better radio personalities for you guys. It’s always a good time because it’s us traveling and interacting with other people in the business. Just like anytime the three of us get together, there are always stories to follow. This trip was no different.

One of the stories that we shared from Chicago was when Maney and myself got ourselves into a very awkward situation. One of the nights we were there LauRen went to have a “fancier” dinner and Maney and I decided we wanted to walk the streets of Chicago and find some authentic, local food. Turns out one of the waiters at the bar we were at previously gave us the recommendation of a walk-up taco bar. So that’s exactly what we did. After that, we had to walk back to our hotel and since we both had to use the restroom, we decided to find a cool little bar. Turns out we found a perfect one. It had a cool vibe, it had live music, and it had a restroom. When we walked in, the way that the bar was shaped, we could only sit at the very end and those two seats did not allow a view of the live music…which was basically the reason why we chose to stop at this bar. When we asked the bartender if he minded if we could sit at a table instead of the bar so we could see the live music, he accommodated us….in the most awkward way ever. By sitting us within arms reach of the singer! It was so awkward. Nobody was sitting as close as we were and as Maney said, we were literally in her dressing room.