Dennis Rodman is set on seeking the release of WNBA player Brittney Griner even if that means booking a flight to Russia.

The former NBA star said Saturday (Aug. 20) that he plans on helping Griner, who is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence for having cannabis oil in her luggage back at the Sheremetyevo airport near Moscow in February.

“I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl,” Rodman told NBC News at a restaurant in D.C. “I’m trying to go this week.”

However, Rodnman’s efforts might actually hurt Griner more if he actually decides to take a trip to Russia, a senior Biden administration official said. “It’s public information that the administration has made a significant offer to the Russians and anything other than negotiating further through the established channel is likely to complicate and hinder release efforts,” said the official, per the outlet.

The Phoenix Mercury star who pleaded guilty was sentenced earlier this month. When it was her turn to speak in court she took full responsibility for her actions. “I understand everything that has been said against me in the charges against me, but I had no intent to break Russian law,” she said, per The New York Times. “I want the court to understand that it was an honest mistake that I made while rushing and in stress trying to recover post-Covid and just trying to get back to my team.”