Ten years ago national chicken finger day was founded. On July 27th we celebrate the delicious quick way of enjoying chicken. Chicken Finger Day was founded by Raising Cane’s, a Louisiana-based fast-food chain that produces southern chicken fingers. You can celebrate by eating some chicken fingers or don't and save a chicken's life.

No Bones, plenty of perfectly proportioned chicken, and just enough sauce and seasoning.  Who doesn’t love a good chicken finger? They aren’t just for kids and they aren’t just for fast food places. If you are like us, you love to eat!  And you might love knowing where you can find the best chicken fingers in both North and South Carolina.

The good news for us is, that the folks at Eat This, Not That have done all the guesswork for us.  Those foodies traveled to each state to determine who has the best chicken fingers.  According to the website here are the best ones in the Carolinas.

Rocky’s Hot Chicken takes the honors in North Carolina.  You can find Rocky’s at 1455 Patton Avenue in Asheville.  In the Palmetto state, head on over to Boxcar Betty’s in Charleston.  They are famous for their locally sourced and cage-free ingredients.  Wanna know more?  We know we do!  Just check out all the details from Eat This, Not That Right here.

Which Fast Food Restaurant Has the Best French Fries?

It’s French Fry Day! French fries is one of the best forms of potato you can find. They come in tons of different shapes and flavors. From waffle to shoe string to seasoned to sweet potato, you can enjoy a french fry in many unique ways. One of the best arguments is who has the greatest french fries? Ever judged someone based on what their answer might be, I know, me too. As a french fry obsessed person, voting who has the best french fries is always fun for me.

Thrillist News decided to help try and put this famous argument to rest. It’s hard to really determine, but someone has got to do it. They evaluated restaurants based simply on their fry taste, no condiments included. Straight potato. Of course, there may be places that you never had or think should be on the list but hey, potato love is subjective sometimes. Enjoy your favorite french fries every day, but especially on French Fry Day! Check out this list of the top 20 fast-food restaurants with the best french fries. Let us know your thoughts on our socials!