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Usually Dorito’s can’t go wrong in my book! I love most all of their flavors, so that’s why these two new flavors confused me.

First off, I need to inform you that Doritos are my guilty pleasure snack. I usually only buy them when I’m on vacation, because when I buy a bag, I seriously can’t control myself. I know many people are Cool Ranch fans, but my personal favorite is the original, Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Doritos just debuted two new unexpected flavors for us though; Doritos Ketchup and Doritos Mustard. These flavors aren’t completely new, in fact, Doritos Ketchup is apparently one of Canada’s best-selling varieties.  That surprises me. While I’m not too excited to try either of these flavors, of the two, mustard does sound more appealing to me.


Both flavors will only be available for a limited time, and are only being sold on  

I will say, that while the chips alone don’t sound too appealing to me, think about how good they both would be crumbled up on a sandwich we may have something there!

List: Fall Festivals to Enjoy in the Charlotte Area for 2022

Are you a fan of fall like me? From the cooler weather, cute sweaters, pumpkin patch visits, Halloween, and more! Fall is honestly my favorite season of the year. I enjoy being able to go outside and not be too hot or too cold and enjoying all the cute fall activities that happen around the city. But, there are some other things that happen around the fall. Festivals! That’s right. If you need something else to do this fall, then there are some great fall festivals happening in the Charlotte area this year.

Charlotte on the Cheap has a list of some fall festivals happening in the Charlotte area for 2022. Fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities, cultural events, and so much more. Kickback and enjoy some Halloween events, apple festivals, food festivals, drink festivals, and more with your friends and family. Fall is right around the corner, so you might as well start planning what you want to get into this year! Check out this list of some of the fall festivals happening in the Charlotte area this fall.