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Instead of spending thousands to travel to Italy for their engagement photos, this couple just went down the road to their local Olive Garden.

I can respect it.

Weddings can already be expensive, especially if you’re trying to capture a specific esthetic. And even more so if that esthetic is Italy. One future bride, and her soon to be husband, got creative with how they achieved the “Italian” look they wanted for their engagement photos.

They just went to Olive Garden.

Hunter LaShea Photography took the pictures, and I have to admit, you would probably never know that these photos were from Olive Garden. Not only were they able to achieve their dream engagement photos, but afterwards they probably got to enjoy bottomless salad and breadsticks. That sounds like a win-win to me!


I’ve actually been seeing a trend when it comes to engagement and wedding photos where there are a lot more candid’s. In fact, a friend of mine just took hers while eating chips and cheese dip at their favorite Mexican restaurant, and I love it! I think seeing couple do what they actually love to do is endearing.

I definitely respect this couple and photographer for working with the resources they had to take these pictures!

Congrats to the happy couple! Now I’m hungry after writing this…

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